Internal Signage

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Acrylic Sandwich Panel

Sandwich panels are used in those signage applications were high structural rigidity and low weight is required. It is made of 3 layers such as low density core inserted in between two relatively thin skin layers. This sandwich setup allows achieving excellent mechanical performance at minimal weight.

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Direction Signs

Direction sign systems are signs that show visitors to the facility which direction to go to reach their destination. Since these signs can be changeable or fixed, one can use either the switch or shape sign systems.

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Door Signs - (Door Name & Door Number)

Signs which contain a person’s name will need a facility which allows for very easy change. With most organizations moving away from cellular offices, however, the role of the door or room sign now is confined to convey the function of the room, so the information on the sign is relatively static. A notable exception, however, concerns Meeting Room signs, which typically will contain two elements. The first will be permanent information, such as the room name or number. The second, an element of ever changing data, such as the times and users of the room if a booking system is used.

Modular Signs

The modular sign system is an elegant and robust internal signage solution that is designed as the most flexible interior signage solutions.The modular sign system is a strong, yet lightweight interior scheme that suits a diverse mix of signage requirements and budgets.

Directory Signs

Custom directories and way-finding signage not only helps get the business found, but also helps build the brand image for potential clients. We create the ideal indoor directional and way-finding solutions.

Reception Back Wall

Safety Signs

Warning Signs

Warning Signage is a signage system which sets the conditions under which the signage components are to be posted. It is important that all employees, visitors and emergency responders are aware of the hazards identified by applicable signs